Amazon Mechanical Turk – how to assign tasks to the most appropriate people

Amazon MechanicalTurk is owned by Amazon and the site itself is one of the Amazon Web Services sites. The goal of Amazon MechanicalTurk is the ability to crowdsure work. Through the person and company platform (requesters) they can assign simple tasks to active members of the community. These can be various works, such as verifying translations, tagging, polling and writing, transcriptions, etc. For their performance, contractors receive remuneration from the client, although it is not particularly high for a single task.

In order to undertake the task, you must use the website and have a billing address in one of about 30 countries approved by the system (for certain tasks, it is also required to have relevant qualifications). The Amazon MechanicalTurk user base in 2015 had about 750,000 users. The advantages of the platform are undoubtedly the competitiveness of the offers and the mutual evaluation system that builds the position in the community. Users can also search for offers tailored to their interests and skills. The problem may be tax issues that prevent the system from being used in some countries.

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