02 January 2019

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Aurea Libertas supports education in Bethlehem!

Cooperating with us Kraina Twórczości decided to send volunteers with equipment to Bethlehem. Our support can enable children from the orphanage to do one week of robotics and programming. Would you like to help?

The BETHLEJEM project assumes providing robotics and programming to the orphanage and school in Bethlehem, requiring the presence of both English-speaking instructors and sets of blocks with engines and appropriate software. In addition, we organize collections at ss.Pijarek and two prayer communities so that the arrival of Kraina Twórczość instructors will also leave permanent effects in the form of material help for children and we also look for sponsors to purchase robotics kits that will stay on site.

The specificity of the situation in Bethlehem is as follows.
The Christian community consists mainly of Arabs of various denominations whose financial situation deteriorated significantly after the construction of the wall by Israel, which cut off the path to work for many adults with valued qualifications. For example, an electrician assisting in the offices of Elżbietanek had a job with access to Jerusalem and the construction of the wall blocked his access to orders due to very expensive permits to enter Israel. Children work from the young stalls at the stalls, and in the situation of medical help it turns out that they are uninsured what our instructors witnessed in November seeing how the hospital “negotiated” the costs of surgery with a parent whose child had a broken leg requiring a surgeon’s intervention – costs about 6,000 zlotys they finally covered Elizabeth S. Elizabeth.
Kraina Twórczości is planning to recognize whether it will be possible to prepare programming courses, create websites or graphics that will also give work to adults without having to cross the wall, for example through permanent orders from Polish companies. Children who graduate from the Elizabeth School of Elizabeth often go to study in Poland and speak Polish from an early age.
Every strengthening of Bethlehem Christians is worth its weight in gold, because the places for Christians who leave will be occupied by Muslims.

We are eager for support before departure to find donors.
The Aurea Libertas Foundation account for the Bethlehem Action is:
81 1090 2053 0000 0001 3571 8343

with a note: BETLEJEM

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