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Implementing a solution based on collective intelligence

What is collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence is an innovative process, which engages employees and makes them feel more responsible for the company’s fate. It is based on working out solutions together and cooperation in making a decision by discussion, usually mediated by computers and analyzed using digital tools.

Why it is worth using CI in your company or organization?

The use of collective intelligence allows you to think outside the box, generate various, innovative ideas, arguments for and against as a part of brainstorm in which every individual voice counts. It makes your company smarter, stronger and more innovative, thanks to increased employees awareness and engagement.

What do we offer in implementing CI?

Institute Aurea Libertas offers comprehensive consulting services on the implementation of solutions based on collective intelligence. We adjust them to the specifics of the institution and teach the use of digital analytical tools such as like DebateHub, CI Dashboard, Assembly, LiteMap.

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