E-Government 2.0 in practice

E-government means the use of ICT technologies to improve the public sector organizations. Over the past decade, many countries have recognized as their strategic goal the transformation of public administration in a citizen-centric way: various services provided by public entities are made available to citizens via the Internet in an integrated way, regardless of which administrative units provide them.

“E-Government 2.0 in practice”

The aim of the "E-Government 2.0 in practice" project was to create an innovative and interdisciplinary educational program regarding the use of ICT tools in public administration and to increase civic activity and initiatives (e-participation). The work carried out by the Aurea Libertas Foundation included the launch of a database in the field of e-government (www.egov2.eu), substantive preparation of training materials (casebook, materials for the e-learning platform) and implementation of consultations in the field of web application implementation.

Poland needs comprehensive solutions in the field of e-government

The introduction of e-government solutions is an important goal in the EU Member States. Unfortunately, Poland isn’t a leader in this area. The relatively low level of social participation is correlated here with deficits within the effective production and use of ICT infrastructure in state mechanisms and civil society initiatives. In these areas, there is still a need for comprehensive programs and specialists with practical experience and adequate knowledge about e-administration.

Support for ICT solutions in state administration

The educational gap in this area was to be filled with the "E-Government 2.0 in practice" project, leading to the growth of skills and knowledge in the field of e-Government, especially among young people. The organization of this venture involved work of specialists in e-administration, experts in IT implementation, e-participation, research methodology and social media.

Project effects: knowledge base, e-government courses, and web application

As part of the project we prepared knowledge base on e-government in the international perspective, courses for students of the European Higher School taking place at the university as well as in the form of e-learning. The "E-Government 2.0 in practice" resulted in the creation of online, educational materials, podcasts, casebooks, walkthroughs and video lectures. The results of our work was also IT tool (a web application that can serve training purposes as well as the work of the organization).

Project website http://egov2.eu/pl/

The Aurea Libertas Institute is planning to continue its mission in stimulating the development of e-administration in Poland. The center's activity will consist mainly in educating and popularizing the knowledge of specialists in the society and public institutions.

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