Realized projects

During the last years of its activity, the Aurea Libertas Institute has carried out social projects aimed at building the foundations of a modern civil society, based on cultural heritage and innovative solutions.


IT-Trampoline is a project which purpose is to finance robotics and programming classes for children and young people from poor Cracow families. As a part of that program, Aurea Libertas organizes cash collections. During the classes organized by the Institute’s co-workers, young adepts have the opportunity to train from the earliest years the competencies needed in the digital world.

“Collective Intelligence in management” and “Collective Intelligence as a method of raising the level of innovation of Polish enterprises” (2016 – 2018)

The aim of the projects was to popularize knowledge about the use of the collective intelligence method in company management and stimulation of innovation. The work included the creation of training courses (e-learning), and the polonization and customization of specialized digital tools for domestic conditions. The projects have been co-financed by the European Social Fund.

“E-Goverment 2.0 in practice” (2014-2016)

Our purpose in “E-Government 2.0 in practice” project was to create an innovative, interdisciplinary program of higher education in the area of electronic administration. Expert work carried out by the Foundation included the development of a database in the field of e-government, the substantive content of educational materials (casebook, materials for the e-learning platform) and consultations regarding the implementation of the web application. The IT tool developed in the project can be used in both educational activities (simulations) and in real professional work in public administration or NGO sector (project budget: EUR 226 432).

“1989 Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe” (2015)

In 2015, the Aurea Libertas Institute was the leader of 1989 “Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe” educational project implemented as part of the European Commission’s program “Europe for Citizens Program, Strand 1” European Remembrance. The project was co-organized with our partners from Germany, Slovakia and Romania. The aim of the project was a civic education of high school students from selected countries, as a result of which young people learned historical events related to 1989 in South West Europe and then took part in innovative workshops that resulted in a board game depicting these events (project budget: 55.000 EUR).

“Ranking of Cracow self-government servants” (2013-2014)

Project “Ranking of Cracow self-government servants”, consisted in conducting a civil audit of city councilors and district councilors of the Cracow in Poland, using the author’s methodology to assess the activity and achievements of councilors. The project was implemented in partnership with the Fundacja Obywatelska and co-financed from the Swiss Block Grant Fund – Fund for Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Lesser Poland Polish Holidays” (2013-2014)

The purpose of the project was to stimulate awareness and build the national identity among young Poles from environments threatened by exclusion. This goal was achieved through civic and patriotic education (mainly about the most important Polish National Holidays). The target groups were proteges and pupils of care and educational centers and community day rooms. The program included educational trips to places associated with the newest history and preserving knowledge through photography and film, field play and the issue in the form of a book guide “The Lesser Poland Polish Holidays”. The project was carried out in partnership with the Fundacja Na Pomoc and co-financed from the Swiss Block Grant Fund – Fund for Non-Governmental Organizations.

“Strategic consultic system Winged Studies” (2011-2014)

Established in 2014, the project promoting the idea of ​​an open studying. The main point of it was an information and consulting center helping academic communities in organizing a trips to foreign scholarships and internships. The Project was financed by donations, with own funds and by Bank Zachodni BZ WBK Foundation. Since 2011, over 1500 people have used the consulting services.

Organization the series of scientific seminars (2009-2013)

The seminars organized by Aurea Libertas concerned subjects such as: energy security, the political heritage of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, contemporary republicanism. A total of over 500 people attended the meetings organized by us.