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Classes for children with robotics and programming

Classes in robotics and programming organized by Aurea Libertas are designed for the youngest clients of our Institute. It’s education through play and a great way to organize your child’s free time. Classes in robotics and programming will also provide him with the development of motor and manual skills, experience in a teamwork, learning logical thinking and the chance to develop a passion for programming.

We teach “future professions” through play

The course is conducted under the watchful eye of an instructor whose role is to show children the world of science, physics, technology, biology, mathematics and computer science, but in a completely different way than known from school. Manuals and boards are replaced with computers and modern sets of LEGO bricks.

Children build from them the most diverse constructions, and then with the help of a computer, they program the movements of created devices. In this way, they acquire not only the skills of spatial and logical thinking, but also the basics of programming.

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