What is the collective intelligence?

The problem of intelligence is known to almost every, even average person. Surely anyone who was asked what intelligence is, would easily give a feature that can be considered proper. However, if we ask what collective intelligence is, the answer to this question would probably require reflection. What, then, is collective intelligence and where do we find it?

The phenomenon of collective (collective) intelligence has existed for a very long time and is not a feature that only characterizes people. In nature, you can also see this phenomenon, observing eg the behavior of ants, which thanks to cooperation can achieve effects impossible for a single insect. Undoubtedly, the collective intelligence is characterized by the group’s ability to solve more difficult problems than an individual could do. This phenomenon can be observed as a result of observation of modern technologies.

Thanks to the popularisation of computers, the Internet and Web 2.0 applications, faster interactions between users are possible, and the organized group can act on the principles of one intelligent entity with greater potential for problem solving and more effective communication. Collective intelligence can therefore be observed where groups or teams are formed, and thanks to the large diversity and joint work, you can communicate and solve complex problems together – also in virtual reality.

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